Michelle Plocher, R.N.

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Medical Analyst
612.349.8576 • Minneapolis, MN

Michelle Plocher’s nursing experience includes caring for people with all types of medical and surgical problems at all stages of life. She had the good fortune of starting practice at the University of Minnesota in the kidney transplant unit after becoming a registered nurse in 1973. Her experience encompasses caring for kidney, heart, and pancreas transplant recipients of all ages, and with all the complexities those systems involve. Her natural next step was to work in the dialysis unit, and finally, to spend several years in the emergency department.

“As a medical advisor for 25 years, I have been able to integrate my direct nursing experience with the analysis of clients’ medical and surgical situations when they involve negligent care.”  Michelle Plocher, R.N.

Michelle guides clients through the complex steps of malpractice litigation from their first contact with the firm to the conclusion of their claim. Her goal is to help bring together the client’s medical story and concerns with the relevant research, medical insights, and expert support necessary to achieve a successful conclusion of their claim.

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