Pat Strom, R.N.

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Medical Analyst
612.349.8241 • Minneapolis, MN

Pat Strom first became interested in becoming a medical analyst when she met Solly Robins, one of the firm’s founders. Over the course of several days, Mr. Robins provided background information regarding the firm’s use of registered nurses as medical analysts. She was intrigued by the job and interested in pursuing a new career.

“I have spent years working on cases involving devastating birth-related neurological injuries. Although these cases are very complex from a medical and legal perspective, I find them to be extremely interesting and rewarding.”  Pat Strom, R.N.

Since 1990, Pat has worked hard to provide answers to our clients’ questions while we undertake an investigation to determine if a medical negligence case exists and should be pursued. She works on all different types of cases and has special expertise in cases involving birth injury.

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