Susan G. Brooks

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Medical Analyst
612.349.8500 • Minneapolis, MN

I became an RN in 1997 and since then I have developed a varied background in both adult and pediatric care. After obtaining my BSN, I worked at the Mayo Clinic first in the colon/rectal surgical floor and later in the Medical Cardiac ICU. I cared for post-heart attack and pre-heart transplant patients while also participating on the code team.

From there, I moved to the Twin Cities and began working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Surgical/Trauma ICU. I soon found my niche working with premature infants, and spent the next 15 years working in the NICU. During this time, I also took the opportunity to work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

“I have a passion for working within the legal system and helping other navigate through it as well. As a nurse, I am able to successfully combine my love of helping those in crisis and assisting them with their legal case. I am able to help clients through a difficult time in their lives and seeing them through to the conclusion of their case. ” Susan G. Brooks

I have always had an interest in the legal field and am excited to apply my diverse nursing background to helping people in medical malpractice cases. Working as a medical analyst is rewarding as it combines my interests of medicine, nursing, and law.

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