Erin Prax

612.349.8564 • Minneapolis, MN

Erin Prax graduated from Winona State University in 2015 with a degree in Paralegal Studies. She joined Robins Kaplan in January 2015 as part of an internship, was offered a permanent position after graduation, and has remained with the firm ever since. As a paralegal, Erin works with clients from the very beginning of the relationship, determining potential clients’ needs and the firm’s ability to assist.

I learn something new every day. It’s challenging, but never boring – Erin Prax

Erin chose to become a paralegal because she was looking for a career where she could put her critical thinking skills to good use, and also exercise her love of reading and writing. She particularly enjoys the problem solving and creativity inherent in building a strong case. Most of all, Erin values the opportunities she has to get to know the firm’s clients on a personal level.

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